Monday, November 5, 2012

Swimming Pool Works

After a number of years saving up the money for these works, we are finally in a position to do away with the manual pool cover. We are going to install an automatic underground cover, operated by remote control. This will avoid all of the hassle of taking the cover off first thing in the morning and putting it back on late at night. At the same time, we are going increase the paving to the farmhouse side of the swimming pool.

The first task is to move the cherry tree back by 5 metres or so. This has been a fraught task, with Mrs. C. anxiously looking on, worried as to whether the tree will survive. The tree has been severely pruned back to increase its chances of survival and a large hole dug for its roots.

Here it is in its new position

The north side has been dug out and the top soil stocked for later use. The paving to the deep end of the pool has been Karchered clean and the slabs lifted and stocked onto pallets ready to be relaid. The sand and chippings to the deep end have been excavated down to level and the material laid to the north side awaiting tracking in and levelling.

A week's break for the Autumn half term: works recommence very soon .....

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