Saturday, January 19, 2008

Last year's ramblings

This year has sped by, as they all do, each seeming to go more quickly than the last, so our personal theory is that it is not global warming but greater friction that is heating the atmosphere as the world spins faster and faster.
This higher velocity gave us strange weather this year: the French swear that it is because we had 13 moons but that only supports the spinning theory, room to pack more in.
We had fab weather in April, as you did in G.B., yes I know but ours was better! At the end of April we had a small late, late Xmas party and were swimming at midnight on 25th (some, no names etc. without clothes!!!) Then it went downhill and we had the majority of the first half of summer with two fine and sunny days, then 2 mediocre and 2 wet and miserable ones. It did pick up after a while but was never great until September. Now we have the normal high pressure with dry air, sunny days, beautiful sunsets then freezing overnight, -7° the lowest so far.
Time for Dave to get playing “In the bleak mid-winter” on his piano…..

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